League Configuration and Settings

Detailed Configuration and Points System can be accessed on the Fantasy League Settings page.

Trade Deadline moved to Week 11 due to new 17 week schedule.

League Winner

Winner of the Yearly League Championship will have their team added to the League Championship Belt. 

The Belt will be updated for a 5 year cycle, with Ownership given to the most Championships with Most League Wins as the Tie Breaker.

League Loser

The Loser or the League Toilet Bowl will be required to represent the League in a public 'Walk of Shame'.  Wearing a League provided Dress and Wig, Holding a League provided Sign, at a League selected End of Year Party Location.

Consecutive Season Losses will require wearing additional Accessories by League option, exception of leggings.

Beginning in 2022, attire will also be worn during the League Drafts.


Team Keepers

Owners option to select a new Keeper at the end of each Season.  Max 3 Offense, 1 Defense

A player must be on the owners roster for at least the last 10 weeks of the season. Added to your roster by Week 8.

All Keepers are Reset at the End of 5 Year League Cycle.

Keeper Injury

If you place a player on Injury or Covid Reserve Lists, that player is automatically designated as your annual keeper.

If this cannot be executed due to other Keeper rule violations, the impacted transactions will be reversed, with the player being put back on your active roster.

Keeper Draft

Keeper Draft position will be determined by Prior Year Total Points Tier.  Round 1 = Tier 1 etc.

Tiers will be grouped by every 5 players in each Position.

Keepers from the same Tier will require a loss of prior round draft pick.  Keeping 2 Tier 2 players will be a loss of 1st and 2nd round picks.  Keeping 2 Tier 1 players will require a loss of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks.

Once designated, keepers cannot be dropped until after the new league year draft.

League Membership

New League Members will have empty rosters and NO Keepers for first member Draft.

League Members that leave will have all Keepers returned to the Draft Pool.

Failure to comply with league rules (Wearing the Dress) will result in removal from the League.

If you purposely "dump" your roster during the League Year, you will be removed from the League.

Draft Details

When the league is organized in a 16 team format, Maximum 2 Quarterbacks and Maximum 2 Team Defenses are allowed on each Roster.

Individual Defensive Players are not allowed to be drafted until Round 15.

There is a Random Draft Ball Drawing to allow each League Member to select their Draft Position.

An Extra Draft Ball will be awarded to each League Member that wins 2 games during the playoffs.  Championship Participants are Excluded.

Team Transactions

All League Member Trades are Valid and Binding, as long as no roster limit violations have occurred and the trade is not intended to create a team 'dump' affect. 

Complain all you like, there will be no votes on trades.

Each Waiver Wire Roster Addition costs $2,  Each Player Trade costs $5.

Pre-Paid Waiver Fee of $65 will allow for Unlimited Transactions during the season.

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